Getting treatment while being put to sleep will incur three fees:

Dental treatment



Dental treatment fee

You will be provided with a fee estimate for your dental treatment after discussing your concerns and treatment options. If you have a private health fund, they will be able to advise how much they will contribute to your treatment costs based on the estimate provided. If needed, payment plans are available for the dental treatment fee. If you would like to use your superannuation, please contact SuperCare.

Hospital & Anaesthetist fee

We will assist in providing you fee estimates for the hospital and anaesthetist.  Patients with private hospital cover may have no out-of-pocket fees or only be out of pocket an excess for the hospital fee component as per their private health fund agreement. Medicare also contributes to the anaesthetist fee component. Payment plans are not usually available for the hospital and anaesthetist fees but you may be eligible to use your superannuation.

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