Can I Get Dental Work Done Under General Anaesthetic?​

Many people may delay a trip to the dentist due to dental anxiety and desire to get dental treatment completed while they are put to sleep under general anaesthesia for various reasons. Advances in modern medicine mean that nearly everyone can get general anaesthetic for dental treatment bar a few exceptions. A dentist that is trained to provide dental treatment under general anaesthesia can assist patients requiring this service.

Most people do not enjoy a trip to the dentist. Some people go further than simply finding the experience uncomfortable and actually has a fear of dental visits. This dental anxiety or fear may be especially prone in people with a strong gag reflex, people who are unable to be numbed up adequately or people who have claustrophobia. In addition, there are patients with certain medical conditions such as cerebral palsy or autism spectrum disorder where dentistry cannot be carried out in a typical dental clinic setting. Many dental procedures, such as the removal of wisdom teeth, can also be loud and invasive. For these reasons, carrying out dental treatment under general anaesthesia is usually a more comfortable and acceptable solution for patients.

Nowadays, having general anaesthetic is very common for many medical procedures and can be safely carried out in a hospital setting. General anaesthetic can be given to the young, the elderly, or people with complex medical histories or conditions. However, general anaesthesia for dental treatment may not be suitable for women who are pregnant or patients that are severely medically compromised.

Patients usually see a dentist that is appropriately trained to provide dental treatment under general anaesthesia for a consultation first. The patient’s suitability for the procedure is assessed and a treatment plan is formulated with the patient. Following that, a team consisting of an anaesthetist and nursing and hospital staff come together to ensure comprehensive management of the patient during the dental procedure at a hospital.

Most patients can have dental work done carried out under general anaesthesia safely at a hospital. An appropriately trained dentist and a team of medical professionals can provide dental treatment under general anaesthesia so patients who require this service can access adequate dental care and maintain their oral health.

Dr Jin Gan

Dr Jin Gan graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Dental Science in 2006 and serviced remote communities for a year while employed by Queensland Health before moving into private practice. She has worked alongside medical teams in hospitals for more than 15 years, and is highly experienced in the management and care of patients requiring dental treatment under general anaesthesia. Dr Jin has also been involved as a mentor in The University of Queensland's dental school, and has special interest in the fields of dental extractions and immediate dentures.