dental treatment under general anaesthesia (Sleep dentistry) at Brisbane’s hospitals

We are a practice dedicated to providing dental treatment under general anaesthesia at hospitals in Brisbane including Sunnybank Private Hospital, East Brisbane Day Hospital and Ipswich Day Hospital. Consultations are available at East Brisbane and Moorooka. We also provide online telehealth consultations.

About Dr Jin Gan

Dr Jin Gan graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Dental Science in 2006 and serviced remote communities for a year while employed by Queensland Health before moving into private practice.

Not only has Dr Jin seen the devastating impact of dental phobia on patients, she has also undergone dental treatment under general anaesthesia herself and is understanding of why patients may seek this treatment option. She has worked together with medical and dental teams in hospitals for 15 years, and is highly experienced in the management and care of patients receiving dental treatment under general anaesthesia.

About Sleep Dentistry

Many people experience dental anxiety or fear, which can make it difficult for them to undergo necessary dental treatments. Sleep dentistry helps alleviate these anxieties by inducing a relaxed state, reducing fear, and promoting a more comfortable experience.

Some children or adults may also need to be 'put to sleep’ for dental treatment due to reasons such as the complexity of the required treatment, dental anxiety or special needs.

We provide various Dental Services

We carry out dental fillings, treatment of gum disease, removal of wisdom teeth and other services all while you are put to sleep.

Dental Fillings

Decayed, broken or chipped teeth can be restored with white fillings.

Dental Clean

Dental scale and clean is carried out to treat gum disease.

Teeth removal

Wisdom teeth or loose, infected teeth causing pain can be removed.

With sedation, you can easily achieve a state of relaxation and wake up without any memory of the procedure.
We do this procedure in Brisbane hospitals.

Our Process

Initial Consultation
We discuss your concerns and how we may be able to help via an online or in-person consultation.
Cost Estimates
Cost estimates, treatment information and consent forms are emailed to the patient.
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